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Asbestos removal and inspection in Toronto is necessary since it has been linked to mesothelioma and cancer in prolonged exposure. When asbestos particles are released into the air-breathing, the air becomes risky. The use of asbestos is discouraged, and to some countries, it’s not permitted entirely. If you suspect that your roofing materials are made of asbestos, you need a professional’s help.

What Do Our Services Include

It includes:

  • Inspection;
  • Ducts system, attics, basement and pipes reconstruction;
  • Vermiculite insulation removal;
  • Removing of ceiling and floor tiles;
  • Insulation removal.
Asbestos Removal in Toronto

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    Reasons for Asbestos Removal

    The health risk that asbestos pose is reason enough to abolish the use and production of asbestos. When released into the air, asbestos fibers can be inhaled, leading to health risks such as lung scarring, cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.


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    Asbestos-Containing Products

    • Adhesives;
    • Brake Pads;
    • Cement Pipe;
    • Drywall;
    • Duct Connectors;
    • Electrical Components;
    • Felt;
    • Fireproofing;
    • Gaskets;
    • Insulation;
    • Mastics;
    • Plastics;
    • Roofing;
    • Shingles;
    • Vinyl Products.

    Types Of Asbestos We Remove

    • Chrysotile;
    • Amosite;
    • Crocidolite;
    • Tremolite;
    • Anthophyllite;
    • Actinolite.

    Our Step-by-step Asbestos Removal Process

    After wearing protective clothing and equipment, the process of asbestos removal is:

    • Testing for the presence of asbestos and when present leads to removal. This involves a professional investigation of positive results and the detection of toxic levels of asbestos.
    • Containment and securing the area which has tested positive for the presence of asbestos this ensures that all asbestos will be contained at the same point and removed completely.
    • Removal of visible dust with a damp cloth or vacuum with HEPA filters makes it easier to contain the emitted asbestos particles preventing further contamination.
    • Fitting polyethylene or other suitable material to prevent dust spread this will prevent leakages during asbestos removal and contamination.
    • The removal of suspected materials ceiling, floor, or any suspected place, anybody accessing the area should wear protective clothing. This involves demolitions and removal of materials, which might contain asbestos.
    • Proper cleaning and disposal of asbestos materials obtained. Leak-proof containers are used to keep the removed asbestos to prevent further contamination, which might occur during and after removal. Proper cleaning is also done to remove all the particles in the air and on surfaces that might have been contaminated.

    Why Choose Us

    Guru Restoration provides safe containment and removal of asbestos and vermiculite, and it’s our priority to safeguard our clients. Our experienced staff members are always stand by at our in the town nearby to meet our clients’ needs. We use the latest technology in containment and decontamination to prevent contamination. Contact us today through (647) 558-4860 for our excellent services.

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    What People Think About Us

    Andrew M.
    Affordable price, great team and high-quality work. They made asbestos cleanup in my kitchen after home renovation in 1 day.
    Marcus N.
    Me and my wife are happy with the quality of the asbestos disposal by Guru Restoration. Highly recommend!
    Carl C.
    Big thanks to the Guru Restoration team for their professionalism and fast work. Would only call them when it comes to asbestos detection and asbestos remediation.

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    Popular Questions
    What is your service area?
    We are proud to serve our customers in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area.
    What are your operation hours?
    We are available for our customers 24 hours 7 days a week, including weekends.
    Should you test for asbestos?
    If you plan to repair or demolish a house, one of the first steps you should plan is to test for asbestos. Guru Restoration can help with this! We will take asbestos samples from suspicious materials to an outside laboratory for testing before you start demolition or construction.
    What happens if the asbestos test is positive?
    If the asbestos test is positive, we will create a scope of work, a free evaluation, and a schedule of work to eliminate asbestos. Once the plan is approved, our team of certified asbestos abatement specialists will start working at your facility. Asbestos removal is performed using engineering control systems and air filtration devices. We comply with all applicable industry standards including EPA, OSHA, AHERA and NESHAP.
    What is asbestos?
    Asbestos is a term used to refer to silicate minerals. They all consist of long and thin fibrous crystals, each fiber consists of many microscopic "fibrils" that can be released into the atmosphere through abrasion and other processes.