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Mold removal and inspection in Whitby can easily be accessed. Guru Restoration is here to ensure the unwanted organism posing a risk is past tense. Our team comprises of well-equipped and experienced experts.

Service provision by Guru Restoration in Whitby is timely and reliable. We perform all our tasks with professionalism. Our team of experts is available at all times to offers all our services.

Mold Removal and Inspection in Whitby

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    Our Services

    Mold removal and inspection services range from one client to another.
    All of our services are easily accessible. Guru Restoration team has experience in offering all our services. Do you need mold removed or inspection for your kitchen, attic, basement, or drywall? Our service caters for all this and more.

    We also offer services such as:

    • Drywall restoration;
    • Sewage cleans up;
    • Fire damage;
    • Water damage restoration;
    • Residential restoration and cleaning services.

    Guru Restoration service delivery is timely and assures durability.


    We have 1 technician in Whitby

    What We Do

    • Free mold inspections;
    • Mold testing;
    • Mold and mildew cleaning;
    • Professional mold abatement;
    • Basement mould removal;
    • Bathroom and dry wall mold remediation;
    • Ceiling moldy cleaning;
    • Concrete mold removal;
    • Kitchen mold elimination;
    • Bedroom mold treatment;
    • Window mold removal;
    • Crawl space mold cleanup;
    • Attic mold detection;
    • Cold storage mold neutralizer;
    • Residential mould elimination;
    • Commercial mold destroy;
    • Foundation mold mitigation.

    Types Of Mold We Remove

    • Acremonium;
    • Alternaria;
    • Aspergillus;
    • Aureobasidium;
    • Black Mold;
    • Chaetomium;
    • Cladosporium;
    • Fusarium;
    • Fungal;
    • Mucor;
    • Penicillin;
    • Stachybotrys;
    • Trichoderma;
    • Ulocladium.

    Why Choose Us

    Affordability and guaranteed job to your expectation is our topmost priority. Our services are professionally delivered making us an excellent choice.

    Get in touch with our team by calling (647) 558-4860. Guru Restoration is your trusted partner to meet your needs.

    Our Advantages
    24/7 Service
    Free Estimation
    Wide Working Area
    Fast Response
    Quality Work
    Good Customer Service

    What People Think About Us

    Allen L.
    Very professional work, arrived on time, cleaned my basement from the mold efficiently and left it as clean as possible and very nice. Thank you guys!
    Mei K.
    Highly recommend using them for any home improvement things. They removed mold and fungi in my bathroom. It was a really great job.
    Janet M.
    Excellent service. Guru Restoration team provides the best service in my city Brampton. I will always continue to use his services!

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    Popular Questions
    What is your service area?
    We are proud to serve our customers in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area.
    What are your operation hours?
    We are available for our customers 24 hours 7 days a week, including weekends.
    When should I remove mold?
    If you have mold at home, you should usually remove it immediately. You can also kill mold with fungicide, but even dead mold can become an irritant and cause adverse health effects. It is best to contact a professional mold remover.
    Why is mold harmful?
    Mold can be harmful to your health. It can absorb many materials, such as wood, and cause severe problems in your home. Besides, exposure to mould can cause you and your family to have an allergy- or flu-like symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, headaches, itching and more.
    How long will mold remediation take?
    We can calculate how long the process will take after a complete assessment of all damages. We promise our clients the professional quality of mold testing, detection and mould removal and friendly 24-hour customer service.