Guru Restoration handles exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto. This entails sealing foundations that might have cracks or faults. We use the latest strategies to seal from the outside and ensure it is waterproof.

Professionalism and expertise in the field make us guarantee all our customers durable services. Waterproofing your interior basement gives the assurance of a comfortable home and assures the security of your property.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

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    Our team creates a waterproof foundation system that will disperse water away from your foundation walls. This assures all our customers that they need not worry when Guru Restoration is doing the work.

    Our Services

    Exterior basement waterproofing encompasses a well laid down procedure to fix leaks or other causes of water build-up from the outside of your basement.

    Guru Restoration assures you of eliminating all the sources of water infiltration as we have a team of experts skilled to offer you these services.
    Other services offered by Guru Restoration include:

    • Drain cleaning and replacement;
    • Residential and commercial leaks repairs;
    • Leaking window wells;
    • Concrete crack repair;
    • Epoxy crack injection;
    • Sump pump installation.

    We are the experts to stop the sources of water infiltration from the outside without damaging your landscape. All our services are professionally offered.


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    We are compliant with all the rules set in handling all our tasks thus ensuring we pose no risk. Effectiveness, timeliness, and quality are our mode of operation and all our services are available in the Greater Toronto Area.

    For more information or the need to talk to our experts, get in touch with us (647) 558-4860.

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