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Basement waterproofing in Brantford for a while has been the most sort service within the area. Poor drainage and high precipitation can lead to constant moisture in the basement due to hydrostatic pressure pushing water into the cracks on the foundation wall.

Basement Waterproofing in Brantford

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    Professional waterproofing mechanisms are therefore advisable to ensure that the house remains strong and stable. Whenever you sight moisture or mold development in your home you might need waterproofing.

    Our Services

    Basement waterproofing includes the following services:

    • External water proofing which involves digging to the lowest part of the foundation wall then installing a waterproofing membrane;
    • Construction of exterior water drains to prevent water clogging around the home;
    • Foundation crack injections and repair. Interior wall and floor sealers also (interior waterproofing) using coatings to the wall to seal off cracks and pipe seepage;
    • Interior water drainage either French drain, installed pipes or sump pumps installation to remove any flooding water from the basement.

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    Things In Basement To Look For

    • Water Trickling Out Of The Walls;
    • Saturated Base Of Concrete Walls;
    • Condensation On The Walls;
    • Condensation On The Floor;
    • Blistering Walls;
    • Damp;
    • Humid Air;
    • Standing Water On The Floor;
    • Deteriorating Carpet Or Wood;
    • Rotting Columns, Headers, And Joists;
    • Odor Of Mold Or Mildew.

    Basement Waterproofing Services

    • Foundation Crack Repair;
    • Weeping Tile;
    • Sump Pumps;
    • Window Well Repair;
    • Custom Basement Entrances;
    • Basement Sealing;
    • Radon Safety;
    • Wet Basement Repair;
    • Crack Repairs;
    • Wall Repairs;
    • Wall Replacement;
    • Retaining Walls;
    • Trenches;
    • Basement Leaking Repair;
    • Commercial And Industrial Basement Repairs;
    • Foundation Inspections.

    Why Choose Us

    Guru Restoration takes pride in a team of highly trained technicians who are always dedicated to serving our clients. We apply the latest technology with the best grade of materials which are long lasting. Our services are pocket friendly and done to the excellent level ever. Feel free to talk to us through (647) 558-4860.

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    What People Think About Us

    John K.
    Recommend Guru Restoration to anyone in need of expertise on basement leaking. The previous guy installed the sump system in my basement but water continued to come out from cracks on the floor. The guy from Guru Restoration resolved my problem in one day.
    David Y.
    They did a great job on the multiple cracks in the basement of my condo. Great price! They were polite and did a good job.
    Laura J.
    I had a persistent leak in my basement, on a wall. I described this problem over the phone, got free estimation. In 3 hours guys visited me and fixed a leak in my basement.

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    Popular Questions
    What is your service area?
    We are proud to serve our customers in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area.
    What are your operation hours?
    We are available for our customers 24 hours 7 days a week, including weekends.
    Can we waterproof your basement?
    Guru Restoration can help you. The basements are built below ground level. Chances of water leakage are incredibly high if not sealed properly. Our waterproofing services provide a healthier environment for your basement and prevent water damage to your belongings.
    How much will it cost to solve my problem with basement waterproofing?
    The price will depend on the final solution. Standard systems, such as drains and external gravity systems, are priced by the foot. Installing backup pumps, dehumidifiers and other features may also affect the total cost of your work.
    Do you offer a warranty?
    Guru Restoration offers up to 10 years warranty on our waterproofing services.