The best attic asbestos removal and inspection in Toronto are done by Guru Restoration. Asbestos is a strong natural mineral with very tiny fibers that were used for roofing in Toronto years ago due to its strength and durability.

However, the material containing asbestos gets worn out or breaks down, and the fibrers hang in the air, posing a great risk to the health of residents in Toronto calling for removal.

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    When these fibres are inhaled into the lungs, they cause health conditions like breathing problems, among others. Further, it poses greater risk of lung cancer when inhaled continuously over a long period.

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    It is clear that asbestos used in the attic, poses greater risk to human health because it is easy for the fibres to get airborne and can be inhaled easily.
    It is important to save human life by removing attic asbestos and our team has professional asbestos experts to deal with this problem and save your life.


    We have 1 technician in Toronto

    Our services include:

    • We safely guard the affected area in your premises;
    • Safe removal of asbestos from the attic and storage;
    • Safe disposal of the material after it has been removed;
    • Testing the quality of air in the premises after removal of asbestos.

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    Asbestos is dangerous and you should never remove any material containing asbestos yourself. Guru Restoration is registered and certified as a professional asbestos abatement company in Toronto. You only need to reach us through (647) 558-4860 and get our reliable services through our experts with highly protective safety measures.

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