It happens that to avoid a skunk attack does not come out of its own carelessness. Skunks can also spray part of the house or pets, which will then produce an unpleasant smell. Do not be afraid – this is not a disaster, and you can get rid of the smell. We will tell you about the smell of skunk, why skunk emits it, is it dangerous, how to get rid of the bad smell with the help of home remedies and finished products.

How Long Does Skunk Smell Last

What Is Skunk Spray?

So, skunk spray is something that everyone who faces the neighborhood’s problem with these animals is afraid of. The substance is far from being a “superweapon,” even on the contrary – it is a special secret produced by the protective glands of the skunk, which is very valuable for the animal. Otherwise, it is called “musk” it takes a lot of energy to produce it, and then it takes up to 10 days to fully replenish the “stock” of musk. One “charge” of such a liquid is enough for 5-6 protective shots (range up to 6 meters).

The Danger of Skunk Spray for Humans and Animals

The good news: the protective secret that skunks secrete is not poison, and there are no toxins that can irritate when it hits a person or animal’s skin.

The bad news: this does not apply to mucous membranes, so beware of getting musk in the eyes. Otherwise, this oily liquid will surely cause burning and perhaps even temporary loss of vision for 10-15 minutes. So dirty clothes and stinky dogs’ coats are not the worst cases. Just in case we warn you: if you noticed that the skunk began to lift his tail and waved warningly – slowly and carefully leave.

Skunk Odour Removal

This smell is very persistent: you can disguise it for a while (such as vinegar or kerosene), but soon the sharp smell will return. It is quite difficult to definitively eliminate this stench if you don’t know how to do it properly. Especially when it comes to removing the smell from pet hair, this process can take months! There are many rumors about folk liquidators of this smell, but we do not believe in rumors and prefer to learn the opinions of scientists.

Hydrogen peroxideYou will need it:
– 300 ml 3% hydrogen peroxide
– 1/4 cup of soda
– 1 teaspoon of liquid soap
The resulting mixture can be neatly processed in the desired area (or animal) and washed away. After the hydrogen peroxide is mixed with soda, the mixture becomes unstable and generates oxygen. Apparently, the oxidation changes the skunk smell’s chemical composition, so it stops smelling so badly. When this fresh mixture of peroxide, soda, and soap is applied to objects contaminated with musk, the smell quickly decreases. Any remaining mixture must be diluted several times with water and poured into the sewerage system. This mixture can be safely used on pets and people as well as on clothing and furniture. However, care must be taken to keep it out of sight. If you treated the animal hair, wash it thoroughly after the procedure.
Special toolsAmong the product’s active ingredients should be safe liquid enzymes so that it does not cause any harm to animals, leaving no traces if it is a carpet, clothes, or any household surface. Follow the instructions! Sometime after the application of the product, it should be washed off the treated surfaces!
Special ServiceWith the help of chemicals that are not available on the free market, will rid your site of odor, or with a special spray available on the free market.

As you can see, it is real and quite affordable to bring out the unpleasant smell of musk. The main thing is to use proven products, not waste time bathing your property in tomato juice, hoping to eliminate the smell of skunk! It’s also important to know how to scare away skunks – it will save you from seeing this pest again, and you won’t have to puzzle over how to eliminate the stinking smell of his secret.